Thursday, January 31, 2008

spoonful of sugar

Today, while taking care of my sick kiddos, I decided I must truly believe a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Luckily, they aren't sick that often but when they are, I sugarcoat their entire day. I let them wear their pajamas all day, I let them eat or drink as many fun snacks and juice as they want, I don't even touch the housework but instead hold & pay attention to them constantly. Instead of making them clean up their playroom, I do it for them. They are allowed to watch as much TV as they want. Yesterday I held and rocked Kaya since she didn't want to nap. Today, I let Zander take a nap with me in my bed (boy, he had to twist my arm for that one!).

My heart aches to see them feel bad and I just want to take their fevers away when I kiss their foreheads. I hope by letting them snuggle and sit in my lap all day somehow their colds will seep into my skin.

I hope they feel better tomorrow but if not more sugarcoating from mama. I wouldn't be surprised if Zander convinced me that they should be allowed to have chocolate cake for breakfast......I guess I need to draw the line somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Your children may be sick everyday!!