Friday, January 18, 2008

first hot chocolate

I know it sounds so cliche but they grow up so fast. I have been amazed the past few weeks about Zander's development and growth. It is fascinating to see how his personality is developing and to watch him grow into a little boy.

He has started forming sentences out of his thoughts. It is so interesting and often hilarious to watch. I love hearing his observations on life and the things he will think of to say. I also can't believe he isn't in diapers anymore and that he can sit in a regular chair at the table (although he still eats in the high chair beside Kaya if she is eating too.....they have to do EVERYTHING the same!). He just looked so grown up to me yesterday when he had his first taste of hot chocolate.

I love remembering him as a baby but am also anticipating the many wonderful moments to come. What a joy to watch my little boy grow up!

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