Wednesday, January 2, 2008

during 2008

During 2008...
I Resolve

to use more reusable bags,
be conscious of the money I spend,
take my kids to the park more often,
visit far-away friends I miss so much,
be more romantic with my Mattie.

During 2008...
I wish
that more hungry children will be fed nourishing food,
I continue to have such fun with my kids.
my friends who are suffering find relief.
more hugs and kisses could be shared, not angry words.
the world could slow down a bit for those feeling so rushed.

During 2008...
I will
take a relaxing bath & read a great book at least once a week.
keep my laundry caught up (ha....thought I'd throw that in for a joke).
play with Zander & Kaya with undivided attention once a day.
continue to work on my spiritual growth.
try to bring happiness to you when I post my blogs.

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