Sunday, February 3, 2008

and she shall wear PINK!!!

Yes, I will love both of my kids no matter what......but how I want a girly-girl! I dress her in pink, dresses, obnoxiously cute outfits all the time (just to go to the grocery store). I'm dying to get bows in her hair but she always yanks them right out!

I know that fate will probably laugh at me and make Kaya a tomboy (and I'll accept it with some sort of joy, I suppose). She does have a Dad who roughhouse plays with her every day. She also has a brother only a year older than her that has convinced her that cars and trucks are the greatest things ever. And......Fate will probably do it to me because I make a point to try to push all of my friends' little girls into being the prissiest, pinkest, sparkliest girly girls ever!!!

So heart did such a leap of joy!!!! I took Kaya shopping (to a craft store, of course) and she started begging for a feather boa. She kept pointing and screaming PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! And not only was it a was a hot pink boa!
How could I say no?

She adored it throughout the store and rubbed on her face while saying, "Boa...Boa." She even had it wrapped around her perfectly like a glamour queen. I was so proud.

So here she is my little girly girl.......working it for the camera. I'll hang on to these photos and always remember that for one day she was my little girl with the pink boa.

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