Tuesday, February 19, 2008

three terrific treats

Here are 3 things I recently became the owner of......so fun!

This dreamy smelling bubble bath and lotion my friend Sue gave me. I truly love it!

My new CD--Jack Johnson's Sleep Through the Static. It is so mellow and fun to listen to. Listening to it instantly makes any bad mood or feelings disappear.

This book.....that has not yet been released. I joined an online book club with Barnes and Noble and received this book, The Sister by Poppy Adams. It is called the First Look Book Club where you get the first look at a book, who often have authors debuting their first books, and you agree to go online and chat about it. At first I thought, "No, they won't really send me a book for free for me to read and give my opinion." But I got it yesterday. And I can't wait! Someone wants me to read and share my opinion. Wonderful!!!

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