Thursday, February 14, 2008

crazy love

Oh those days of crazy love.....
When a road trip meant seeing how fast you can get there,
do we have enough cash for partying?
How should we plan the potty breaks,
do we have enough room for a pack-n-play?

Oh those days of crazy love.....
When going to the beach meant relaxing, drinking,
not getting up for hours at a time.
Who is getting the kids and
who is getting the stuff?

Now our crazy love has turned into a
stable, nurturing love.
A confidence that we will always be together.
A incredible growing process of becoming parents that love their kids oh so much.
A comfort of having the most wonderful life with your best friend.

But for this Valentines Day.......lets remember how fun our crazy love was......


JennyB said...

what a perfect valentine! For the record, you will always be that crazy carefree girl to me :)

Maria said...

You guys look so young! I loved your sentiment, but I also agree with Jenny-you both will always be that fun & crazy couple to me

mike said...

I'll always think you guys are crazy no matter how normal of a perfect suburban family you try to portray to the rest of the world. You can't fool me. HaHa.