Friday, February 15, 2008

if walls could talk...

Right now I feel like I'm a wall listening into Zander's conversation with himself and all of his "friends" (stuffed animals). I am downstairs at the computer for my alone time and can hear him talking and singing away. About alone time...I guess I have said it too often because Z informed me yesterday that he and Kaya needed some alone time. Anyway, back to the subject, I am just laughing to myself as I hear his little conversation.....Here are snippets of it....
"Mama, say Michael. Michael. Michael. Mama, say Michael."
"Me, Me, My....Me, Me, My..."
"Happy Valentines Day."
"Wonderpets, Wonderpets, One more Way. Wonderpets. Wonderpets. One more Way."
"Ride in Bella's car."
"Mama, say glasses."

And singing...
"Happy Birthday Grandma" and the "ABC song".

Now I'm hearing,
"Mama.......where are you?" So I guess since it is after 7-that is my rule for him now, he can't get up when it is really dark or until there is a 7 on the clock....however, that did backfire at first when I began my rule, when he was excited it was 6:27, there was a seven on the clock-I'll go get my little chatterbox.
I wonder what his walls have heard him talk about before now?

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