Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I just want to be flashy and fancy

This weekend we went car-shopping, well actually car-dreaming since it will probably be a LONG time before I actually get a new one. You would think car-dreaming would make me anxious, excited, ready for a new one. Well, not so much.

And the reason is color......yes, color. I think Matt used to be furious that the only way I judged a car was by color. Now he is just used to it and has started to accept my ways.

We looked at the new civic above and I like most things about it. It is a small sedan, has four doors, decent trunk space, great gas mileage, and looks pretty sharp.......if you could get past the color.

It comes in grey, dark grey, and darker gray. Does it come in a bright red? Oh no, but you can settle for a maroonish red. Does it come in electric blue? No, but wait, you can get a dark or baby blue. How exciting....zzzzzz

Why do car makers think a person that drives a four-door car can't be flashy? I did find a car that does have four doors that is incredible and very flashy.......but my friends, the Nelson, already drive it. And that may be a tad weird if I got the same exact car. I love it's redness, it's flash. But as Matt says, do I really need V8 power to drive my four-minute drive to Publix twice a week.

I just hate the stereotype that drivers of four-door cars are boring. Am I really boring because I need four doors to wrestle my two kids in and out of carseats? Am I really boring because my most exciting drives are to Trader Joes and back?
Which brings me to stay-at-home attire.....
Why can't I be fancy as a mom? Why is it so wrong to wear bright red lipstick to go grocery shopping?

I used to wear my bright lipsticks daily with pride. My students knew me by my lipstick-wearing ways. When I was in college my greatest joy of being on the speech/debate team was wearing snazzy suits while carrying my briefcase to the competitions. I may not have made finals in each round with my speaking, but I did with my fashion.

Now, on most days, I'm wearing a faded polo shirt with my hair clipped up driving my beige-colored car. And my brightest daily lipstick is a shimmery brown.
Hmmmm........is that how the stereotype started?

So maybe today I will be flashy and fancy. Maybe today, I'll wear my most fun zebra-print dress with my brightest red lipstick to go to the BounceHouse with a neighbor and the kids.

Of course, we'll be strapping our kids in their carseats in a maroon mini-van before we go.

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Keep the color in your life!