Wednesday, August 6, 2008

so much fun.....except for one incident

Yesterday my neighbor and I took our 3 kiddos to one of my favorite places, The Children's Museum. As you can tell from the photos, they had a blast together. Aren't they so sweet holding hands on the way there?

It was great to see the kids interact and play with each other and the exhibits.....most of the time.

I know I've talked about Kaya's rambuctiousness before. She just has a very enthusiastic attitude about life. Most of the time when she is too rough with other kids, she is trying to hug or kiss them. Other times, she does mean to be rowdy and wild. Thank goodness my friends still love us and continue to have playdates with us. As one friend said, "We have to remember she is only 22-months old. She just looks older and acts older."

I'm still teaching her to be easy and gentle with other kids (and adults at times). But she just doesn't seem to understand why some people don't enjoy being tackled with a hug or getting a headlock to receive a kiss.

So yesterday at the museum I was observing her play with another little girl (who I think was probably older than Kaya) at one of the exhibits. And then I saw the look. The Kaya look that means, let me run as fast as I can so I will run into this girl as I give her a hug. I immediately scooped in as Kaya raced to hug her and stopped her right before she knocked her down. So then Kaya and I sat at the picnic table while I talked to her about being an easy and gentle friend. After we sat for a couple of minutes I took her back to the little girl and told Kaya to say "I'm sorry. I'll play nice." I then looked at the mom and told her, "So sorry about that. She can get a little rowdy."

I didn't expect grand praises from this mom about my parenting skills at that moment. But I certainly didn't expect her response, "Yeah, whatever." And then she glared at me like my daughter had just assaulted hers with a deadly weapon.

So, I took my kids to another part of the museum to let them play. This woman's reaction to me really bothered me. I kept thinking, "What else did she expect me to do in the situation?" I tried to avoid her from then on and let the fun continue.

Later on, I met up with my friend Meaghan at the train table. We witnessed a little boy throwing a fit because other kids wouldn't share (not that I'm judging, my kids have been known to do such things.) His mom (who happened to be the same woman from earlier) came over and got him. Meaghan then looked at me and said, "That mom was letting her kids run all over Kaya & Connor earlier when I was watching them and she didn't even get on to them."

That was when my mothering doubt feelings evaporated and my revengeful, let me give her a piece of my mind feelings erupted. I then proceeded to tell Meaghan about the incident that happened earlier.

I so much wanted to go to that woman and say, "What kind of lessons are you teaching your kids? To be rude and act like the world revolves around only you."

But I didn't, one because I hate conflict, and two because I knew that was not the role-model I wanted to be for my kids. Two wrongs do not make a right.

And then I thought about the great time we were having and how much I love my enthusiastic, energetic, charismatic daughter. And she can tackle me and give me rough hugs any time.


JonDavid and Karissa said...

Good for you girl! How far apart are your kids?

craftykorisa said...

Thanks Karissa! They are 13 1/2 months apart. ALMOST like twins. But they're best buds and best enemies. :)

RYD said...

CK, don't let moms like her get you down. I have discovered the world is filled with moms like her and, sadly, not many moms like you (and me, of course!) You did the right thing by talking to your child, and I am sure your children will grow up to be the kind of adults you will cherish. Hers will probably be mean to her (just kidding). Keep it up!