Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sharp dresser

Now that Zander likes to pick out his clothes, our getting-dressed time has gotten very interesting. He has a few favorites. He likes to wear numbers on his shirts and will only wear shorts that go to his feet (aka pants). Although he usually matches, sometimes the fabrics and clothes don't really go together. Oh well.....

But sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised. Last week he picked out this outfit. I thought, "Wow, he actually does look pretty cool and fashion-forward." And he thought he looked excellent, of course.

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RYD said...

I am a huge fan of letting kids dress themselves. It's their badge of honor - they did it themselves! One of my MIL's friends told her about her youngest daughter (she had 4) who dressed herself but always did a horrific job (red stripes with orange polka dots, etc). So one day the mom found a button and told the girl, "Please wear this." The button said, "I dressed myself." The girl wore it with pride and the mom felt much better!