Monday, August 11, 2008

take me out to the ballgame

For a couple of months now, Zander has shown a real interest in baseball. He loves to watch it on tv and has been begging to go to a game.

We joined our friends, The Nelsons, to go see the Chattanooga Lookouts for Zander's first game. I'm so glad we did....he and Kaya both seemed interested in the game and loved all the sights around them. They both showed great sportsmanship too and cheered.....which was really cute.

Zander is still talking about Looie, the mascot. He got to meet him and Slider, the other mascot for the team, and they both signed his shirt. All day he has been asking "When will we see my friend Looie again?" At the end of the game we got him a Lookout Bat and Ball. He has loved playing with it......and actually hits it pretty hard and far!

The girls enjoy the game!

Camden and Sue

Go Looie, Go!

Kaya and Katie in front of the Looie statue

The big event.......we all meet Looie

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Sue said...

And what a great day it was!!! You guys are the best, for a million reasons!!