Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I just want to pinch myself

There are times, in the midst of the fussing like typical siblings & trashing the house, that my kids are so sweet I just want to pinch myself.

As a parent I do want my kids to be smart & successful but my greatest wish for them is to be kind and compassionate to others. So when they have their sweet moments I feel like a dream is coming true.

I just want to pinch myself when I see how much they love their Uncle Michael and Aunt Teri. After their last visit, Kaya kept asking about Uncle Michael and looking for he and Tee-Tee. I think it so sweet how much the kids miss them.

I just want to pinch myself when Zander makes sweet comments to me out of the blue. The other day I said, "Thanks for helping me clean the garage, Zander." He answered, "I help you mama because I love you."

I just want to pinch myself when they actually get along and don't argue. Like this day when they were having snack together. They kept hugging and calling each other, "Buddy."

I just want to pinch myself when Kaya wants to kiss my belly when I'm having a bad cramp day and am in pain.

I just want to pinch myself when Zander is so thoughtful about something that happened weeks before. The other night before he went to bed he told Matt, "Daddy are you calling Pappaw Texas tonight? Will you tell him thanks for my blue jersey?" This was almost 3 weeks after he got the gift.

I'm glad I'm living in this dream.....and on occasion my kiddos are the sweetest things I've ever seen. I'll try to remember this dreamlike state the next time they fight like cats and dogs.


Anonymous said...

Kaya looks like Uncle Michael!!!!

RYD said...

CK, I know exactly what you mean. The other day I was having the worst day and was in a really bad mood. I couldn't even muster energy to take the kids to the park. So I said, "Listen, kids, Mommy is really crabby. I want to just sit and read and listen to music and not be bothered. So I need you to play either together or alone, but leave me alone." For TWO HOURS they did not bother me once. Can you imagine? I wanted to kiss them for hours afterward.

Nina Chung said...

Oh, how true! I have those idyllic moments too, when my older two are actually getting along like best friends and holding hands, and chatting amongst themselves. I try to remind myself of these lovely moments when they're yelling at each other or not talking to one another.